Tyre Pressure Monitoring Solution

Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) by AssetTrackr provides real-time tyre pressure data, to ensure that tyres of a vehicle perform at an optimal level and it helps to increase fuel savings, improve daily vehicle operations, reduce inefficiencies and in eliminating unsafe driving conditions. Tyre Pressure Monitor keeps drivers informed of the exact pressure of their equipment tyres so they can be kept at an optimal pressure level to reduce wear and tear, reducing the tyre expenses.

Key Features:

  • Hassle-free installation
  • Wireless & long life (2 yrs+)
  • High/Low tyre pressure alert
  • Fast/Low tyre leakage alert
  • 5 minute update on smart-phone app


  • AssetTrackr TPMS sends alerts when vehicle’s tyre pressure is dangerously low or is going flat. Maintaining proper tyre pressure, TPMS can increase road safety by improving vehicle handling and driving conditions.
  • Maintaining a healthy tyre pressure has a direct effect on fuel economy. If the vehicle’s tyre pressure is incorrect ,more fuel gets used than required. AssetTrackr TPMS helps decreasing the fuel costs and improve the overall productivity of the business.
  • TPMS helps in preventing deflated tyres by keeps track of the tyre pressure in real-time.It helps in increasing the life span of each tyre.AssetTrackr Tyre pressure monitoring system will help your fleet business to maintain cost effectiveness and saving money from buying new tyres/repairing the damaged tires.
  • The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System also adds an extra layer of much-needed security. If the vehicle is parked in a remote area, If someone tries to fiddle with the tyres, an anti-theft alert would be delivered to the driver.Thus, AssetTrackr TPMS can protect vehicle tyres from theft.
  • TPMS helps to reduce harmful CO2 emissions,when vehicle’s tyre pressure is maintained at the correct level.

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