Shell Telematic Solutions

Shell Solutions are Cloud Based and tightly integrated with the tracking hardware to provide a highly reliable,scalable and usable application.

Fleet Management Solution​

Fleet Management Solution

Shell Fleet management Solution is designed to track and manage all fleet and asset information to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure compliance across an entire fleet operation.It functions as GPS Vehicle Tracking and diagnostics, fuel management, and driver monitoring. Shell is one of the leading Fleet Management Solution Providers in India, helping to manage your vehicles and driver activities in real-time.

Fuel Management Solution

Shell Fuel monitoring Solution is a system used to maintain, control and manage real-time fuel monitoring within the transportation and construction industries. It is the most advanced Fuel management system with ultrasonic fuel sensors to provide accurate fuel readings that prevents fuel theft and monitor every minute detail of fuel consumption, fuel purchases and fuel dispensed.

Fuel Management Solution​
Driver Behaviour Monitoring Solution​

Driver Behaviour Monitoring Solution

Driver Behaviour Monitoring Solution is a uniquely advanced and cost effective Fleet Safety measure by shell.. Driver behaviour monitoring solution sends alerts and reports to help with Safety and Compliance, and enables commercial vehicle owners to gather Insights on Drivers behaviors- Sudden Acceleration, Sudden Braking, Sudden Lane Swerve, Harsh Cornering And Over-Speeding.