Shell Fuel Management Solution

Shell fuel monitoring solution provides companies with detailed fuel information and enables them to control and optimise their fuel costs.It has ultrasonic Fuel Sensor equipped with high precision probe works with our GPS tracking device to send live fuel monitoring data to our server to detect the fuel quantity in the fuel tank.

Key Features:

  • Wireless, non-intrusive
  • Safe, no tank modification needed
  • Accurate to 1%
  • Stable and long lasting
  • Easy to install, no tank modification needed
  • Fuel pilferage alerts
  • Fuel filling alerts
  • Vehicle Performance tracking
  • Consolidated fuel consumption reports
  • Cloud analytics of fleet data

Benefits of shell Fuel Monitoring Solution

  • Shell Fuel Monitoring System gives reports to exactly calculate the miles traveled by the vehicle and amount of fuel consumed, which enables the user to have control over the operational cost and attain the mileage of the fleet and increase the performance levels.
  • The fuel monitoring solution keeps track of the fuel refilling and pilferage, helping the management to find out whenever any fuel theft occurs. It sends an alert every time the fuel tank is filled.
  • Shell cloud based Fuel Monitoring Solution, is a user-friendly interface to receive all fuel reconciliation reports and fueling activity to figure out the fuel losses and fuel short filled, which is rather impossible to do in a manual tracking environment.
  • Shell Fuel Monitoring Solution uses Ultrasonic Fuel sensors, which does not require punching a hole in the fuel tank. The installation process is simple, straightforward, and provides easy user management.
  • Using Fuel Monitoring Solution, the user can easily access, maintain records, keep data and check reports whenever they want without any anomalies on online cloud platform.