Shell Driver Behaviour Monitoring Solution

Shell Driver Behavior Monitoring delivers a complete set of monitoring tools to monitor driving habits and adds safety parameter to Fleet Business.It helps Transportation companies to track, analyze their drivers and create inexpensive and efficient fleets.

Key Features:

  • Detects Driver behavior like harsh acceleration or braking, sharp turns, over-speeding, off road driving, fast lane changes etc.
  • Driver behavior statistics, including speeding reports
  • Driver scoring Based on Driving habits
  • Alerts for Harsh Braking, Sharp turns and Over-speeding
  • Location detection( where and when a driver does over-speeding, taking sharp turns)
  • Route reports
Driver Behavior Monitoring Screen screen

Benefits of

Driver Behavior Monitoring

  • Driver Behavior monitoring provides fleet safety. It helps in preventing accidents, vehicle wear and tear and create a safer fleet environment.
  • The Driver score cards capture the detail about driving behaviors and help the organization to improve the driving habits. Thus, an organization can reduce risk on the road and ensure employee and public safety.
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring helps in saving vehicle maintenance costs by reducing vehicle wear and tear and accidents or safety violations. All these factors help in reducing operational costs and insurance risks.
  • Real-time and historical reports allow decision makers to understand and analyze fleet operations from every angle. The advanced reporting and feedback help end users improve operational efficiency, lower fuel consumption and increase safety.