Cold Chain Solution

AssetTrackr Cold Chain Monitoring Solution helps in real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity of perishable food products, eatables in reefer vehicles as well as refrigerated warehouse to maintain temperature controlled condition. Entire temperature and humidity data is stored in the cloud which can be accessed from anywhere/anytime using a standard web browser and smartphones.

Key Features:

  • Accurate temperature control +/- 1C
  • Detailed trip report with temp log
  • Multiple sensors (upto 8)
  • Warehouse temperature management
  • Configurable alerts
  • Door Open/Close alerts
  • Wireless sensor for Cold box monitoring


  • Complete control and tracking capabilities with individual tracking for each shipment from the point of pick-up through to final delivery.
  • Wholesome monitoring with detailed temperature/humidity graphs for the trips which they can be easily shared across to your customers.
  • Real time GPS tracking with optimized route planning so you can keep a track of potential delays.
  • A market leading cloud platform that helps you manage transportation costs and monitor your fleet live information on the status of each shipment.
  • Using AssetTrackr platform, you can check entire trip history along with stoppages, idling, over speeding information.

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